Authors for Nepal

  It’s always been a dream of mine to go to Nepal, to see the snow-capped mountains strung with confetti prayer flags, to visit the monuments in Kathmandu, sit by the lake at Pokhara. So [...]

New Book Baby!

Tomorrow, 17th October, my second book ‘Younger, Thinner, Blonder’ comes out and I’m excited, delighted … and very scared. After two years of writing and rewriting, my new book baby is [...]

Hoes and Weed and S***

As a white, middle aged, middle class woman living in a new build in suburbia, I sometimes long to escape and live another life, somewhere else…and if I could try out anyone’s life [...]

English Rose Fairy Cakes

As today is World Baking Day and we’re still waiting for Summer to appear, I thought it might be pertinent to offer a little summer scented sunshine. These fragrant fairies are reminiscent of a [...]

Procrastination 2

I’m spending the next few days improving my blog… so please bear with me. My Blog Manager (who also happens to be my 14-year-old daughter) has abandoned her post to go shopping with [...]

Fifty Shades of Fat

Call me a glutton for punishment – well, just call me a glutton really – but I have gone and done it again. Oh yes, having perched and protruded on a zillion rickety chairs in a million church [...]

FA Cupcakes

I’m not a football fan but I could tell something was in the air so I asked the dashing Mr W which teams were playing in today’s FA Cup because I wanted to mark the occasion with FA [...]

Tweet it Don’t Speak it!

I just started Tweeting @suewatsonwriter… baby steps as I spent the first 24 hours tweeting only myself! I’m getting the hang of it  – but not only do I talk too much – I write too [...]

Free Hugs!

Ok so I said New Yorkers could be a little abrupt and may be more interested in communicating via ipods rather than face to face with other human beings, but I take it all back. Look at what I [...]

Sex in the City Cupcakes

I couldn’t go to New York without visiting the holiest of cake shrines The Magnolia Bakery as featured in Sex in the City. Those of you who enjoyed the antics of Carrie and the girls will recall [...]

Hot Pussy!

Ok, so the more cynical blog reader may presume that in a desperate bid to gain more traffic I am now resorting to dubious double-entendre post titles. Shame on you!Having said that – I am [...]

You Can’t Get the Staff!

I haven’t posted a blog for a couple of days due to technical issues. Well, to be honest I don’t actually have technical issues as such because I’m technologically challenged. So imagine my deep [...]

Fat Girls and Creme Eggs

You don’t have to be fat, write or like cakes to read this – but it helps! So this is the first day of the rest of my blog, but where to begin? The diet, the writing or the cakes? But how can I [...]

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